4 Reasons Why You'll Love Hand-forged Knives

4 Reasons Why You'll Love Hand-forged Knives

Like any respected home chef you are probably thinking about getting hand-forged knives for your kitchen. There are a lot of different opinions on this - some say that mass-produced knives are better. But today, let’s discuss why you’ll love working with hand-forged knives. Disclaimer: at Danaak & Co. we are huge lovers of hand-forged knives and all of our knives are handmade! You think we might be biased? Well, you’re not wrong. But, all our points are true! Read on.

The strength of hand-forged knives

If you think about it, how are mass-produced knives made? The machines stamp out the final share of these knives. And what about hand-forged knives? These beautiful babies undergo an extensive hammering process. All that hammering results in the grain of the steel adapting better to the knife’s shape. And this, gentlemen, results in an increase in knife strength. All this, so that you can hold a handmade butcher knife and feel powerful like one of the Avengers. 

So all in all, the forging process strengthens the metal at the molecular level. The process, and of course the material, provide the knife with the needed strength.

A man's hand wearing a blue sweater holding a knife that is being forged

Sharpness: just incredible

You all know that hand-forged knives are incredibly sharp. In fact, this is one of the main reasons these knives became so famous. But what makes hand-forged knives so sharp? The high carbon content in handcrafted steel kitchen knives makes them super strong and then lets them keep their sharpness for a longer time. Also, handmade knives are easy to sharpen: you can use a whetstone and can sharpen them every now and then so the knives can keep their sharpness forever and ever.

When it comes to mass-produced knives, the steel is usually more flexible and can sometimes blunt easily. But that’s not what you want. Whether you’re in the market for a chef’s knife or a cleaver knife, if you’re in the long-term game. handcrafted is the way to go.

Extreme toughness & durability

Who likes heavy knives? We do! And you should too. And here is why: cutting a piece of meat with a lightweight knife requires a lot of force. Imagine the task with a heavy knife? Much easier! 

Because of the heaviness, and the great balance that handcrafted knives have you can suffer fewer injuries because you won’t add more pressure when cutting. 

And, moving to the durability of hand-forged knives: that’s the ultimate goal right? Finding the perfect knife that will last a lifetime. And yes, handmade knives can withstand years of severe use while maintaining their strength and shape. 

These steel knives are hard, and firm, and do not bend or break under pressure. And, if you take good care of your handmade steel knife, it’ll be your lifetime investment! Maybe you can even pass it on to your grandchildren one day?


A man holding down a huge piece of meat and cutting it with a kitchen knife with one hand on a white cutting board.

One of a Kind!

When you imagine a craftsman hand forging a knife - it’s art! And when you’re buying a hand-forged knife you’re buying art. 

So a huge advantage of handcrafted knives for home and professional chefs is their unique look. Of course, they may have designs that no one would be able to find with machine work. But the one thought that’s hitting home is that there is no other knife like yours: it might have the same design, the same specifications, and the dimensions, but it can never be 100% the same.

If you’re not sure what types of hand-forged kitchen knives to get first, learn about the 4 must-have types of knives for cooking.

Your handmade knife will be a collection-worthy investment, but one you can use daily. Order yours today and improve your cooking skills!

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